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int Rules::searchSubgroup ( const QString &  yearName,
const QString &  groupName,
const QString &  subgroupName 

Returns -1 if not found or the index of the subgroup in the list of subgroups of this group

Definition at line 1313 of file rules.cpp.

References searchGroup(), searchYear(), and yearsList.

Referenced by modifySubgroup().

      StudentsYear* sty=this->yearsList.at(this->searchYear(yearName));
      StudentsGroup* stg=sty->groupsList.at(this->searchGroup(yearName, groupName));
      StudentsSubgroup* sts;
      int i;
      for(sts=stg->subgroupsList.first(), i=0; sts; sts=stg->subgroupsList.next(), i++)
                  return i;
      return -1;

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