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Rules Class Reference

#include <rules.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This class contains the processed input (all the information regarding the faculty: teachers, students, activities, constraints, etc.)

Or: Structure that keeps a representation of the requirements for the timetable (all the input)

Definition at line 49 of file rules.h.

Public Member Functions

bool addEquipment (Equipment *eq)
bool addGroup (const QString &yearName, StudentsGroup *group)
bool addRoom (Room *rm)
bool addSimpleActivity (int _id, int _activityGroupId, const QStringList &_teachersNames, const QString &_subjectName, const QString &_subjectTagName, const QStringList &_studentsNames, int _duration, int _totalDuration, int _parity, int _preferredDay, int _preferredHour)
bool addSpaceConstraint (SpaceConstraint *ctr)
bool addSplitActivity (int _firstActivityId, int _activityGroupId, const QStringList &_teachersNames, const QString &_subjectName, const QString &_subjectTagName, const QStringList &_studentsNames, int _nSplits, int _totalDuration, int _durations[], int _parities[], int _minDayDistance, int _preferredDays[], int _preferredHours[])
bool addSubgroup (const QString &yearName, const QString &groupName, StudentsSubgroup *subgroup)
bool addSubject (Subject *subject)
bool addSubjectTag (SubjectTag *subjectTag)
bool addTeacher (Teacher *teacher)
bool addTimeConstraint (TimeConstraint *ctr)
bool addYear (StudentsYear *year)
bool computeInternalStructure ()
void init ()
void kill ()
void modifyActivity (int _id, int _activityGroupId, const QStringList &_teachersNames, const QString &_subjectName, const QString &_subjectTagName, const QStringList &_studentsNames, int _nTotalStudents, int _nSplits, int _totalDuration, int _durations[], int _parities[])
bool modifyEquipment (const QString &initialEquipmentName, const QString &finalEquipmentName)
bool modifyGroup (const QString &yearName, const QString &initialGroupName, const QString &finalGroupName, int finalNumberOfStudents)
bool modifyRoom (const QString &initialRoomName, const QString &finalRoomName, const QString &type, int capacity)
bool modifySubgroup (const QString &yearName, const QString &groupName, const QString &initialSubgroupName, const QString &finalSubgroupName, int finalNumberOfStudents)
bool modifySubject (const QString &initialSubjectName, const QString &finalSubjectName)
bool modifySubjectTag (const QString &initialSubjectTagName, const QString &finalSubjectTagName)
bool modifyTeacher (const QString &initialTeacherName, const QString &finalTeacherName)
bool modifyYear (const QString &initialYearName, const QString &finalYearName, int finalNumberOfStudents)
bool read (const QString &filename)
void removeActivity (int _id, int _activityGroupId)
void removeActivity (int _id)
bool removeEquipment (const QString &equipmentName)
bool removeGroup (const QString &yearName, const QString &groupName)
bool removeRoom (const QString &roomName)
bool removeSpaceConstraint (SpaceConstraint *ctr)
bool removeSubgroup (const QString &yearName, const QString &groupName, const QString &subgroupName)
bool removeSubject (const QString &subjectName)
bool removeSubjectTag (const QString &subjectTagName)
bool removeTeacher (const QString &teacherName)
bool removeTimeConstraint (TimeConstraint *ctr)
bool removeYear (const QString &yearName)
int searchEquipment (const QString &equipmentName)
int searchGroup (const QString &yearName, const QString &groupName)
int searchRoom (const QString &roomName)
StudentsSet * searchStudentsSet (const QString &setName)
int searchSubgroup (const QString &yearName, const QString &groupName, const QString &subgroupName)
int searchSubject (const QString &subjectName)
int searchSubjectTag (const QString &subjectTagName)
int searchTeacher (const QString &teacherName)
int searchYear (const QString &yearName)
void sortEquipmentsAlphabetically ()
void sortGroupsAlphabetically (const QString &yearName)
void sortRoomsAlphabetically ()
void sortSubgroupsAlphabetically (const QString &yearName, const QString &groupName)
void sortSubjectsAlphabetically ()
void sortSubjectTagsAlphabetically ()
void sortTeachersAlphabetically ()
void sortYearsAlphabetically ()
void write (const QString &filename)

Public Attributes

ActivitiesList activitiesList
QString comments
QString daysOfTheWeek [MAX_DAYS_PER_WEEK]
EquipmentsList equipmentsList
int16 fixedDay [MAX_ACTIVITIES]
int16 fixedHour [MAX_ACTIVITIES]
int16 fixedRoom [MAX_ACTIVITIES]
QString hoursOfTheDay [MAX_HOURS_PER_DAY+1]
bool initialized
QString institutionName
Activity internalActivitiesList [MAX_ACTIVITIES]
EquipmentinternalEquipmentsList [MAX_EQUIPMENTS]
RoominternalRoomsList [MAX_ROOMS]
SpaceConstraintinternalSpaceConstraintsList [MAX_SPACE_CONSTRAINTS]
bool internalStructureComputed
StudentsSubgroup * internalSubgroupsList [MAX_TOTAL_SUBGROUPS]
SubjectinternalSubjectsList [MAX_SUBJECTS]
TeacherinternalTeachersList [MAX_TEACHERS]
TimeConstraintinternalTimeConstraintsList [MAX_TIME_CONSTRAINTS]
int nDaysPerWeek
int nHoursPerDay
int nHoursPerWeek
int nInternalActivities
int nInternalEquipments
int nInternalRooms
int nInternalSpaceConstraints
int nInternalSubgroups
int nInternalSubjects
int nInternalTeachers
int nInternalTimeConstraints
bool roomHasEquipment [MAX_ROOMS][MAX_EQUIPMENTS]
RoomsList roomsList
int sameDay [MAX_ACTIVITIES]
int sameHour [MAX_ACTIVITIES]
int sameRoom [MAX_ACTIVITIES]
SpaceConstraintsList spaceConstraintsList
SubjectsList subjectsList
SubjectTagsList subjectTagsList
TeachersList teachersList
TimeConstraintsList timeConstraintsList
StudentsYearsList yearsList

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